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Into The Fray! Moving Forward Together, Because We're Stronger Together.

December 13, 2017

This past election cycle woke a lot of folks up.


Including me.


Maybe you too.


Surely you too.


And rather than sink into a deep dark depression as a nightmare took office, we picked ourselves up, and we started paying attention. We decided to get involved politically, locally, joining the ranks of those who had long been awake and fighting already, but who willingly moved over and made room for us in the fight.


Women especially rose up and joined the ranks, making the decision to run, run for something, run for anything, run to represent their fellow citizens and their fellow man better.


And now I have officially joined those ranks. Those who know me know my passion, my heart, my earnest desire to do right, and my willingness to fight for what’s right.


They know I’m a listener, a learner, fair-minded, and honest.


Someone who -- despite the hyper-partisan-ness of our politics right now -- believes that there are people of faith and people of simple decency in our communities and on both sides of the political aisle who both know better and want better and are willing to stand up and demand better.


Someone who cares about what you care about:






The Environment



Protecting Our Children

The Safety of Everyone Within Our Communities 


Someone who believes that TOGETHER we can provide, protect, and care for our most vulnerable.


Someone who believes that TOGETHER we can push back against all plans to turn back the clock on Equality, Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, and LGBTQIA rights.


Someone who believes we’ve come too far to turn back now and who believes it’s in no way right that we would.


Someone who is an encourager by nature, who would encourage us all to move forward TOGETHER. 


Work towards better TOGETHER.


Care for and meet the needs of our communities TOGETHER.


Because we’re stronger together.


Join me.

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