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January 7, 2018

Look at the sh*t-show going on in Washington, back at the Senate race that just finished up in Alabama, and the last conversation you had with a still Trump-loving supporter, and think about how polarized and radicalized and scary this has all become, and I want you to understand something. . .  


This is a good part of why I'm running for State Representative in my district, Texas House District 63.


Because I see this in my beloved state of Texas.


I see that the right has run too far to the rabidly radicalized right.


Meanwhile the middle that most of us moderate and reasonable people live in, including me, including you, has shifted left.


Most of us don't care which bathroom someone uses so long as they flush and wash their hands after.


Most of us think Jesus would bake the cake and it would feed thousands.


Most of us want to be able to make ends meet with the jobs we work, even save, be able to go to the doctor when we're sick, watch our children grow and benefit from a free and appropriate, even excellent education.


And we want our neighbors and their children to be able to too.


Trouble is, the radical right holds the power, or thinks it does, for now, in our state's legislature.


And I aim to help change that.


I aim to better represent YOU.


I aim to bring a reasonable, moderate, and compassionate voice to our representative, legislative body in Austin.


If you want to help me do that, my campaign could sure use your support.


Click the link to donate. Every little bit and big bit helps.




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