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Tell me what you don't like about him.

January 7, 2018

Trump-Supporter: So, tell me what you don't like about him.


Me: I don't like that he has a history of sexually assaulting and harassing women. I don't like that he is a narcissist, constantly proclaiming himself the best at everything, "the likes of which the world has never seen." I don't like that he does not know what he does not know and doesn't care to learn. I call that a fool. I don't like that he uses twitter and his presidential platform to insult anyone he unrestrainably decides to target, even leaders of ally nations, and berates, bullies, and threatens to sue when criticism comes his way. I don't like that he refuses to release his taxes like every president before him. I don't like that he has spent nearly a third of his first year in office on vacation at his own properties, over 92 days of that golfing, and tens of millions of our tax payer dollars doing it (current est $42 million). I don't like that he lies so blatantly and frequently there are *logs* of them and averages, averages of 5 lies a day. And any time he denies ever having said or done something, anything, more often than not we can roll tape and he still belligerently refuses to own or apologize for any of it. Fact check is not his friend, and he doesn't care for it to be, because he does not value truth. He does not value justice. He values loyalty. And not to the country he now painfully and embarrassingly leads, but to him and him alone. I don't like that my president is likely to have charges of obstruction of justice deservedly brought against him, along with money laundering and conspiracy with a foreign and adversarial government to commit computer crimes and interfere in our election so they could install him as president as part of a quid pro quo with his Russian financiers/investors, including Putin, to free them from costly sanctions. I don't like that my president is personally benefitting and banking money off this treason and that much of the party I once belonged to will likely be found to be complicit in all of it.


Trump-Supporter: Almost none of that has to do with his policies and the work he is doing. You just don't personally like him.


Me: In fact, his character and his motives and his lack of due diligence and discipline has more to do with his policies than you will allow yourself to admit.


Trump-Supporter: Did we elect a leader or a Sunday school teacher?


Me: He wouldn't pass the background check for a Sunday School teacher. ... So absolutely none of what concerns me and countless others who are leaving the Republican party in droves because of him concerns you, like, at all?


Trump-Supporter: Nope. And I challenge that droves are leaving considered he won.


Me: I started going to local Democrat meetings a year ago. I met other now former Republicans there. And that's in a red district. You can keep your head in the sand and try not to hear or believe that. But you'll see.


Trump-Supporter: ok


Me: And we're leaving because the party moved so far and radical right, while the bulk of the nation in the middle, including us "moderates" shifted left, that we could not in good conscience remain. Character matters. Truth and Justice matters. Not just $$$. And people like us could not bear to stand and cheer for a man who embodies none of the values I mentioned and all of the vices, alongside people like you for whom none of it is a concern and for whom none of it matters.

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